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We do not think like the region. We do not have to… because we are born in MENA. We do not have to seek behavioural insights… we understand them by natural instinct, and that makes a world of difference.
In the past 25 years, we have helped shape the communications landscape for our clients with our deep, inborn insights and our profound international exposure.
We have broken norms only to build better ones. That is why we are trusted counsels at the head-tables and proudly belonging to their success stories.

we do

We deliver results… outstanding results that make a difference.
Brands from across the world that seek to build a footprint in MENA Companies born in MENA… enterprises that seek to explore the world from MENA.
They trust our counsel in delivering need-based, result-assured campaigns that we co-create as trusted communications partners We bring what we call discipline-neutral mindsets That means we do not operate in silos or ‘departments’.
We belong to a school of thought that believes in no lines between the communication platforms.

your team

We belong to a family who breathe communications.
We are in this business because we are passionate about innovation,
it is what defines us as human beings.

  • rami Omran


  • Dori Rady

    Head of strategy and Engagement

  • Salma Ghazi

    Associate Creative Director

  • Marie Claude

    Engagement Manager

  • Nagham Erksusi

    Finance Manager

  • Kouloud Salloum

    Senior Account Manager

  • Hayat Kouba

    Engagement Executive

  • Cesar Sangalang

    Senior Art Director

  • Fida Salloum


  • Jona Retubada

    Office Manager

  • Geroge Khouri

    Admin Executive

all the buzz

We belong to a world where technology is reshaping our daily lifestyle and where interconnectivity is driving challenges and opportunities at the same time and in a pace that will only go faster, our business approach is based on disciplines neutral mindset.

We put the brand challenge at the heart of our communication solution process, we unchain our creativity from all conventional frameworks and let our collective expertise explore the undiscovered possibilities.

We're passionate about innovation, we're fighters and we have the tools to conquer the ever changing world of communication.

We belong to your business goals and we put it at the core of our narrative

We build on your brand story

We shape your legend

We identify your audience

We tailor messages for the audience

We take the message through mediums and channels that matter

From concept to design to execution, we co-create it with you.

  • Branding

  • Advertising

  • Digital

  • Media

  • Public relations

  • Event management

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