Corporate campaign

Project Brief

The insurance industry is relatively new in the Syrian market and overall it’s perceived as complicated and unprofessional sector, in addition to the lack of transparency about the companies offerings.

The Idea was to change the perception about the insurance process, from being complicated and non-transparent to being simple and easy, and hence the slogan “Bassita” which denotes that all your major worries will be taken care of by Solidarity and you will be left with the silly ones to handle.

10 000 calls in 10 days to Solidarity call center
Increased sales by 150%
Solidarity was recognized as the fasted growing insurance company in Syria in 2012
Post campaign Solidarity was voted the best employer in the market place benefiting from the high awareness level gained

In MENA Cristal and Dubai Lynx Awards, the campaign gained various recognitions to Solidarity as the only insurance company awarded in these forums